Opposed Test

Opposed Test

When you are making an action that puts you into opposition with another character, you may have to roll an Opposed Test. The opponent may be a character controlled by the GM (such as an NPC), or a character controlled by another player. This type of test involves comparing two die rolls, one rolled by you (the Attacker) and one rolled by the GM or the other player (the Defender).

Each of the opposing sides rolls a Basic Test. If the result is a success, that player makes note of the number on the die as their final number. If the result of the roll was a failure, their final number is equal to zero (0). The side that achieved the highest final number, succeeded on the Opposed Test. The side with the lower final number failed on the Opposed Test. If the final numbers are equal, the Attacker fails the test.

Opposed Test: Each side rolls a  Basic Test. If successful, they note the number on the d20.

 Failure – d20 roll      >  = 0

 Success – d20 roll      ≤  = Die Result = Final Number

Compare your result to your opponent’s result, the higher result wins.

 Win – your Final Number  > your opponent’s Final Number

 Lose – your Final Number  ≤ your opponent’s Final Number

Example: Your PC has been challenged to racing competition by the local runner. The GM asks you to roll an Athletics Opposed Test against the opponent to determine if you are able to outrun them.

Example: Your PC finds themselves Grappled by an enemy. They try to break free. The GM asks you to roll a Brawl Opposed Test against the opponent to see if you are successful.