Attention and Stress

Attention and Stress

Attention is an important resource for characters. Attention allows players to perform advanced Actions and use Combat Maneuvers during combat. Players will actively spend points of Attention to power these moves, reducing their current Attention value by the indicated amount. These special actions are often the difference between success and failure during dangerous Combat encounters.

Attention Damage

Savvy players will use their Attention liberally during combat. However, one must be careful not to let their Attention fall to 0. This can happen in one of two ways. The player can voluntarily have their character use the last of their Attention to perform a daring feat; or the character can take Attention damage.

Some actions during Combat (e.g., Trip, Divery, Disarm, Distract, Remark) can cause Attention damage to their targets. Characters can also take Attention damage during Social Conflicts. Players will have to balance how much Attention they spend on Actions when confronted with enemies that can deal Attention damage. Players cannot voluntarily reduce their Attention below 0.


Whenever a character’s Attention is reduced to 0 (or below due to damage), their Attention is set to 0 and they gain the Stressed condition.

Stressed You carry a mental burden. You have a -2 condition penalty on all Attack Rolls for actions with the Attention trait (such as Disarm or Divert, or Combat Maneuvers) when you are the Actor or AttackerDefense Rolls are not affected by this condition when others perform these actions against you.

Actions with the Attention Trait

Recovery: Focus, Refocus, Block: Brace, Shield Bash, Brawl: Grapple, Restrain, Shove, Trip, Command: Lead, Taunt, Deceive: Divert, Feint, Dodge: Shuffle, Fighting: Maneuvers, Opportune Strike, Inspire: Motivate, Intimidate: Frighten, Terrorize, Investigate: Exploit, Lore: Devise, Coordinate, Parry: Deflect, Disarm, Riposte, Perform: Distract, Enthuse, Persuade: Embolden, Remark, Shooting: Maneuvers

Once a character becomes Stressed, they remain Stressed even when their Attention increases above 0. The Stressed condition can only be removed by taking the Recenter action, which takes one Period (6 hours) during Journey mode.

Attention can be quite easy to recover. The Focus action allows a character to recover a small amount of Attention during Combat mode, while the Refocus action, which takes one Activity (10 minutes), allows much Attention to be regained during Exploration mode.