Equipment: Shields


Shields generally allow a character to use the Block skill for Defense Rolls. The exception is Bucklers, which can help a character parry incoming attacks. Larger shields also can provide Cover against ranged attacks.

Shield Statistics

Minimum Str/End (MSE) – This is the minimum Strength and Endurance a character must possess to comfortably use the shield. If a character does not have a Strength and Endurance equal to or greater than this value, then they suffer double the penalties for Speed and subtract the weight of the shield from Block rolls. 

Speed Penalty – This is an untyped penalty that is applied to your Speed. As is normal for untyped penalties, this penalty does stack with a penalty to Speed from wearing armor.

Parry– Bucklers provide a situation bonus that is applied to a character’s Parry rolls. Since this bonus’s type is situation, this bonus combines with a weapon’s item bonus to Parry rolls.

Cover – Larger shields provide Cover, which gives a situation penalty on ranged attacks against the shield bearer, see Cover in Chapter 6 (XXX). You can gain additional Cover by using the shield to take the Shelter action.


C indicates the typical cost of the shield (in silver pieces).
B indicates the Bulk of the item.

Shield TypeCBMSESpeed PenaltyTraits
Buckler1014-0Parry +1, Cannot Block.
Small Shield1026-0
Large Shield2038-1Lesser Cover (-2)
Tower Shield100510-2Standard Cover (-4)
Standing Shield50Greater Cover (-6), Immobile
*Masterwork Shield+500A masterfully crafted shield grants a +1 Item bonus to Block (does not apply to Bucklers).

Shield Examples

Buckler – Bucklers

Small Shields – Round Shields, Heater Shields, Rondaches

Large Shields – Kite Shields, Targes, Viking Round Shields

Tower Shields – Tower Shields, Pavise Shields

Standing Shields – Mantlets