Equipment: Alchemical

Alchemical Items

Some people versed in the secret processes of alchemy are able to create powerful tools, tinctures, and tonics from seemingly mundane herbs, spices, and minerals. Alchemical items are created with the Craft (Alchemy) skill. These items may not be available in every campaign, so consult your GM if you wish to purchase any alchemical items during character creation.

Antitoxin Tonic30L+2 item bonus vs Poison afflictions for 1 Activity (10 minutes).
Medicinal Tincture30L+2 item bonus vs Disease afflictions for 1 day.
Boom Bomb30LGunpowder bomb (see below).
Rage Tonic60L+1 status bonus to Damage with melee weapons for 1 Activity (10 minutes).
Life Tonic30L+4 item bonus on Stabilize attempts.
Cat’s Eye Tonic70L+2 item bonus on Search and Seek attempts, do not suffer Dim Light penalties for 1 Activity (10 minutes).
Truth Tonic150L-4 item penalty to Bluff attempts.