Survival Action: Escort

Escort [Journey]    [Travel]
Requirement: Your Journey Role is the Guide
You lead your group through the wilderness. Your party members can take other Journey Actions with the Travel trait to move with the group (typically Trek, Dowse, Scout, Hinder, or Track). See Trekking Through the Wilderness (page XXX) for more information about travel in Journey mode.  

If you are travelling along a road, or an otherwise known path, no roll is necessary, you automatically succeed. However, if you are travelling through relatively unknown wilderness or the trail is hard to follow, you will have to roll a Survival Basic Test to determine if you are able to follow the correct path.

 – You get lost a few times but manage to recover your path. Your progress this Period is reduced by 1 hex.
 – You successfully plot a course through the wilderness in the correct direction and make normal progress this Period.

 – You have trouble following the correct course and make no progress this Period.

 – You fail to plot the correct course and get lost, sending the group in the wrong direction. Roll  d6 to determine a random hex direction that you travel this Period.