Skill: Lore


This skill is used to represent a character’s knowledge in a particular area or domain. Lore is a category skill, with subcategories based on various disciplines and areas of study.

Alchemy – Knowledge of chemical processes.

Arcana – Knowledge of magic and the mystical arts.

Culture – Knowledge of societies and their cultures.

Esoterica – Knowledge of occult traditions and mysterious artifacts.

Geology – Knowledge of minerals and finding metallic ores.

History – Knowledge of history, traditions, and the aristocracy.

Nature – Knowledge of the natural world, plants, and animals.

Philosophy– Knowledge of religious practices and philosophies.

Underworld – Knowledge of criminal networks and their power structures.

Devise [Combat]    [Attack] [Attention: ] [Rank 4]
Requirement: Can only affect a target up to 6 squares from you.
You use your knowledge of an enemy to devise a stratagem against them. Against another human or humanoid enemy, this is usually a Lore (Culture) roll, but against other types of opponents, the GM may allow a different Lore skill to be used. For example, Arcana against a dragon or other mythical beast, Nature against an animal or plant creature, Philosophy against demons or other spiritual-based entities, or even Geology against a rock-based creature. If you fail, you cannot try this action again against opponents of the same type or origin for the duration of combat.
Resolution: Lore (subcategory)  

 – You learn about one special ability the creature may possess. For the duration of this combat, you may take Coordinate actions (see below) against any opponent of the same type within 6 squares from you.
 – As above, and you learn your opponent’s attack and defense ranks.
 – As above, and the opponent is Exposed 2 as you share this information with your allies. Your Coordinate actions also cause the target to be Distracted 2.
 – As above, except the opponent is Exposed 4.
 – You fail to devise a stratagem against this opponent.
 – You get distracted as you sift through all the relevant information in your mind. You are Distracted 2 until the end of your next turn.

Coordinate [Combat]    [Rank 4] [Attack] [Attention: ]

Requirement: The target must have the same type or origin as the original target as the Devise action.
If you make a successful Lore Basic Test, the target becomes Exposed 2.

Recall [Exploration]   
You search your mind for information about a specific topic to see if you can recall any relevant information. The GM will determine if a particular Lore subcategory is relevant to the current situation or whether a particularly high result is required to recall particularly complex information.
Resolution: Lore (subcategory) , or Lore (subcategory)

 – You successfully recall a piece of important information or clue related to the current situation.
 – You fail to recall anything important about the current situation.

 – You inaccurately recall information. You get a key piece of that information wrong, but you believe it to be correct.