Craft Action: Repair

Repair [Exploration]      
Requirement: You have a Broken item and possess Repair Tools or other appropriate tools.
You work on a Broken item and attempt to restore its functionality. This action can be taken to repair a shield or to take Dents out of a set of armor. The GM might determine that you require 1 unit of the appropriate raw materials (such as Wood, Leather, Stone, or Iron), however this is not usually required for taking Dents out of armor.
Resolution: Craft (subcategory based on item) 
 – You fix the item and it temporarily loses the Broken condition. However, after the first use of the item, it breaks again.
 – You fix the item, and it is no longer Broken. If the item is a set of armor, you can remove 1 Dent.
 – You fail to fix the item and any supplies are wasted.
 – You fail to fix the item and find it is unfixable. It can never be repaired.