Skill: Command


Willpower , Charisma  
This skill is used demonstrate authority or leadership over others or lead them in combat, whether they be allies under your command, or foes who have been defeated in combat.

Demand [Combat]     
Requirement: An enemy within 6 squares from you is Exhausted and you have the potential to inflict harm upon them.
You make a demand of a compromised enemy. You can demand that they surrender or flee. The GM may determine that some enemies cannot be manipulated with the Command skill, perhaps due to fanaticism or a particularly powerful will.
Resolution: Command  Resolve

– The opponent drops their weapon and surrenders to your mercy or flees during their next turn at your behest.
 – The opponent refuses to surrender or flee, fighting on.
 – The opponent refuses your demand, and you feel slighted by their response. You are now Distracted 2.

Direct [Combat, Exploration]   
Requirement: There is a frightened or aimless NPC, or a frenzied mob or crowd within 6 squares from you.
You attempt to give a simple command or instruction to an NPC, crowd, or mob. This action can also be taken to direct the actions of followers or a companion; however, no test is usually required unless the request goes against their nature or morals.
Resolution: Command  Resolve

– The NPC or crowd will attempt to carry out your order to the best of their abilities.
 – The NPC or crowd refuses or is too scared to follow your order.
 – The NPC or crowd refuses your command and might even work against you.

Lead [Combat]     [Attention: ] [Rank 2]
Requirement: Can only affect targets up to 6 squares from you.
You shout commands and suggest courses of actions to your allies in the hopes to motivate them and build teamwork.
Resolution: Command 

 – The nearest ally is Motivated 2.
 – One ally of your choice is Motivated 2.
 – Two allies of your choice are Motivated 2.
Three allies of your choice are Motivated 2.
 – Your commands go unheard or otherwise fail to motivate your allies.

Taunt [Combat]     [Attack] [Attention: ] [Rank 4]
Requirement: Affects all enemies up to 6 squares from you.
You shout out a commanding taunt, trying to get your enemies to focus on you instead of your allies. Roll your Command Test once and the GM will decrease the final result for each individual opponent as appropriate based on each opponent’s Resolve Test.
Resolution: Command  Resolve

 – Your opponent is compelled to focus their attention on you. The opponent is Distracted 2, except if they target you with an Attack action.
 – As above, except the opponent is Distracted 4.
 – As above, except the opponent cannot take Attack actions against your allies.
 – As above, and they are also Exposed 2.
 – You fail to taunt your opponent.

 – You fail to taunt your opponents, and you are now Distracted 2 until the end of your next turn.