Brawl Action: Restrain

REstrain   [Combat]     [Attack] [Melee] [Attention: ] [Rank 4]
Requirement: You must be Engaged in melee with a Grappled target. You must either have your second hand free (with the first applying the Grappled condition to your target) or one hand free and an ally is applying the Grappled condition to the target.
You attempt to leverage your body into a holding position to restrain them in place.
Resolution: Brawl  Brawl

– Your opponent is now Restrained and one or both of your hands is restraining them. If you move away from your opponent or take any action besides Clash, your opponent is no longer Grappled or Restrained by you.
 – You fail to get a holding position on your opponent.
 – You fail to hold your opponent and you lose your grip. If you were applying the Grappled condition to your opponent, they are no longer Grappled by you.