Brawl Action: Breakout

Breakout  [Combat]    [Melee]
Requirement: An opponent is applying the Grappled or Restrained conditions on you.
You attempt to break free from the Grappled or Restrained conditions. Even though you are initiating the action, you are considered the Defender for the purpose of a tie.  You have a -2 penalty on your roll if you are Restrained. If you are Grappled or Restrained by multiple opponents, have each opponent make an opposed roll against you and resolve each individually.
Resolution: Brawl  Brawl

– You are no longer Grappled or Restrained by that opponent.
 – You remain Grappled or Restrained by that opponent.
 – You somehow maneuver yourself into a worse position. You are now Restrained by that opponent if you were not before.