Basic Test

Basic Test

The Basic Test is the simplest test. If the roll on the d20 is equal to or less than the TN, you succeed on the test, otherwise, if you rolled higher than the TN, you failed on the test. There are generally only two outcomes to a basic test: Success or Failure. However, a special outcome (Complication, Critical Success, or Critical Failure) may still apply as determined by the GM.

Basic Test: Roll a d20 and compare the result to the Target Number.

 Failure : d20 roll    >

Success – d20 roll    

Example: You learn that the man your PC has been searching for is from a distant culture. You ask the GM if your character knows anything about that person’s culture that would help you find them. The GM asks you to roll a Lore (Culture) Basic Test. If you succeed, the GM will give you additional information about that culture.

Example: Your PC is trying to lie his way past a guard to enter the town.  The GM asks you to roll a Deceive Basic Test. If you succeed, the guard will believe your lie, otherwise, the guard might suspect you are up to something.