Lifepath: Understanding

Path of Understanding  [Courage]


[Class: Citizen, Qual: EMP+2 Skill: Inspire, Stability: INT+4
You are a person considered to be very perceptive and have great wisdom. Above all, you share the principles of equity and tolerance. You might be an oracle or soothsayer, or perhaps you are simply a knowledgeable sage to whom people seek guidance.

Skill Table

PerformPersuadeHealingInvestigateLore  (Culture)Lore (Philosophy)


[Class: Citizen, Qual: INT+2, Skill: Lore (Nature) , Stability: PER+4
You seek to understand the natural world and its flora and fauna. From the behavior of beasts to the ecology of various biomes, you have learned there is a balance to the world and an equity among all living things. You might be a natural philosopher or an erudite druid.

Skill Table

AthleticsHealingInvestigateSurvivalLore (Geology)Lore (Philosophy)
Seer Rewards TableNaturalist Rewards Table
2Writing Tools2Writing Tools
320 sp320 sp
4Healing Tools4Healing Tools
6+1 EMP6+1 INT
7+1 EMP and +1 INT7+1 INT and +1 EMP

Mishap Table

1Severely Injured. Roll on the Injury Table.
2A local aristocrat takes issue with your advice and sends thugs to threaten you. Roll on the Injury Table twice and choose the result. You must pursue a different Profession.
3The local church stymies your work due to differing philosophies. You gain +1 to your Primary Skill. You can continue to work openly in defiance and gain an Enemy. Otherwise, you can continue in secret but fall into obscurity, −1 CHA. Either way, you don’t have to leave this Profession.
4An expedition to pursue a source for your studies leaves you lost in the wilderness. Gain +1 Athletics or +1 Survival. You find you cannot continue your work when you finally return.
5You lose sight of your philosophies and succumb to material pursuits, such as drink or other vices.  Gain +1 Lore (Underworld).
6Your advice leads to someone’s death. You gain an Enemy and −1 CHA, but you can stay in this Profession.

Event Table

2Disaster! Roll on the Mishap table, but you can stay in this Profession.
3You are asked to share your wisdom with someone with a dark reputation with the hopes of turning them towards empathy. You can accept to gain +1 to any Secondary Skill, but you gain 1d3 Enemies.
4You spend additional time contemplating. Gain +1 to any Secondary Skill.
5You are gifted a prize for your wisdom.  Gain +1 to your Reward roll.
6You have an opportunity for some advanced study. Roll an INT+2 Basic Test. If successful, gain +1 to your Primary or any Secondary Skill.
7Life Event. Roll on the Life Event Table.
8You try to convince your peers of an untested thesis. Roll a Persuade Basic Test, if successful, gain +1 to a random Secondary Skill, if you fail, you have a −2 to your Reward roll.
9Your advice and wisdom have garnered a small following. You gain +2 on your next Profession Stability Test for this Profession.
10You have an opportunity to explore some dark philosophies. Gain +1 Lore (Esoterica) or Lore (Underworld).
11You come across something strange and unusual. Roll on the Unusual Event sub-table on the Life Event Table (page XX).
12Your advice and wisdom save a prominent person’s life. You gain an extra Reward roll this Phase and automatically succeed on your next Profession Stability Test in this Profession.