Lifepath: Life Events

Life Events

2Sickness or Injury: Roll on the Injury Table (page XX).
3Birth or Death: You or someone close to you gives birth, or someone close to you dies.
4Relationship Ends: A romantic relationship ends poorly for you. Gain a Rival or Enemy.
5Improved Relationship: An existing relationship improves, likely leading to marriage or similar commitment. Gain an Ally.
6New Relationship: You begin a new romantic relationship. Gain an Ally.
7New Contact: You meet someone new. Gain a Contact.
8Betrayal: You are betrayed by a friend. Either an existing Contact or Ally becomes a Rival or Enemy or gain a new one.
9Travel: You move to a new region. Gain +2 to your next Qualification Test.
10Good Fortune: Luck has come your way. Gain +2 to your next Reward roll.
11Crime: Roll 1d6. 1-4 – You are the victim of a crime. Lose your Reward roll this Phase.  5-6 – You committed or are accused of a crime. Roll a Persuade or Deceive Basic Test. If you fail, you are convicted and become a Prisoner next Phase.
12Unusual Event: Roll 1d6.
1 – Magic: You have an opportunity to learn the secrets of magic. If your GM approves, you may join the Mage Profession next Phase. +1 INT
2 – Myth: You encounter a mythical being, such as a dragon or unicorn. You gain +1 EMP and the mythical being as a Contact.
3 – Magical Artifact: You find a strange magical artifact that grants a +1 Item bonus when used with an associated skill. Roll a random Secondary Skill to determine which skill it affects, then envision the item.
4 – Amnesia: You awaken with no knowledge of what happened to you, but you feel driven to find out. +1 WIL
5 – Ruler Contact: You came into contact with the highest rulers of your region, such as a king or emperor. +1 CHA
6 – Divine Inspiration: You believe you were divinely inspired, and you see the world differently now.  +1 PER