Lifepath: Knowledge

Path of Knowledge  [Attention]


[Class: Citizen, Qual: INT+4 Skill: Craft (Alchemy), Stability: COR+4
You are a master of chemical reactions and reagents derived from plants and minerals. You might work at an apothecary providing tonics to the sick, or you might be working on more scholarly pursuits, such as understanding geological components.

Skill Table

PersuadeHealingInvestigateCraft (Culinary)Lore (Geology)Lore (Nature)


[Class: Patrician, Qual: INT+4, Skill: Lore (*), Stability: PER+4
You are a seeker of knowledge that likely specializes in a branch of academic research. You might be a clerk providing services to government offices, or a self-employed researcher pursuing your own academic interests.

Skill Table

PersuadeInvestigateCraft (Literary)Lore (Culture)Lore (History)Lore(**)
Alchemist Rewards TableScholar Rewards Table
230 sp2Writing Tools
3Alchemy Tools325 sp
450 sp465 sp
6+1 INT6+1 INT
7+1 INT and +1 COR7+1 INT and +1 PER

Mishap Table

1Severely Injured. Roll on the Injury Table.
2Arson befalls your workshop/library, and you are injured. Roll on the Injury Table twice and choose the result. You must pursue a different Profession.
3The local government stymies your work due to political or religious reasons. You gain +1 to your Primary Skill. You can continue to work openly in defiance and gain an Enemy. Otherwise, you can work in secret but fall into obscurity, −1 CHA. Either way, you don’t have to leave this Profession.
4An expedition to pursue a source for your studies leaves you lost in the wilderness. Gain +1 Athletics or +1 Survival. You find your job is gone when you finally return.
5You become obsessed with the occult, causing you to forgo your other studies and lose your position.  Gain +1 Lore (Esoterica).
6Another researcher publicly refutes your latest thesis. You gain a Rival and −1 CHA, but you can stay in this Profession.

Event Table

2Disaster! Roll on the Mishap table, but you can stay in this Profession.
3You are invited to perform research for a questionable client. You can accept to gain +1 to any Secondary Skill, but you gain 1d3 Enemies.
4You spend some additional time studying. Gain +1 to any Secondary Skill.
5You are given a prize by an impressed patron.  Gain +1 to your Reward roll.
6You have an opportunity for some advanced study. Roll an INT+2 Basic Test. If successful, gain +1 to your Primary or any Secondary Skill.
7Life Event. Roll on the Life Event Table.
8You try to convince your peers of an untested thesis. Roll a Persuade Basic Test, if successful, gain +1 to a random Secondary Skill, if you fail, you have a −2 to your Reward roll.
9You make an interesting breakthrough in your research. You gain +2 on your next Profession Stability Test for this Profession.
10You have the opportunity to claim another’s research work as your own. If you do so, you must roll a Deceive Basic Test. If you succeed, you gain +2 to your Reward roll and +1 to any Secondary Skill. If you failed, you gain an Enemy and lose your Reward roll.
11You begin working with a gifted mentor. Gain an Ally. With their help you gain a +4 on your next Profession Stability Test for this Profession.
12Your ideas earn you accolades from your peers. You gain an extra Reward roll this Phase and automatically succeed on your next Profession Stability Test in this Profession.