Lifepath: Justice

Path of Justice  [Attention]


[Class: Citizen, Qual: PER+4 Skill: Investigate, Stability: INT+4
You seek out the truth based on facts and evidence. You might be a detective working with the city guard or military forces, or you might a scholar who seeks to understand the behavior of others.

Skill Table

ParryDeceivePersuadeStealthThieveryLore (Underworld)


[Class: Patrician, Qual: PER+4, Skill: Investigate, Stability: CHA+4
You are an official arbiter of justice and conflict resolution. You might serve as a local advocate for a small community or serve as a judge in higher courts. You see to the underlying facts to ensure that disputes are fairly settled.

Skill Table

DeceivePersuadeCraft (Literary)Lore (Culture)Lore (History)Lore (Philosophy)
Investigator Rewards TableMagistrate Rewards Table
1Nothing110 sp
220 sp2Writing Tools
3Thievery Tools325 sp
440 sp465 sp
6+1 PER6+1 INT
7+1 PER and +1 INT7+1 PER and +1 INT

Mishap Table

1Severely Injured. Roll on the Injury Table.
2Someone you convicted or judged sought vengeance. Gain an Enemy. Roll twice on the Injury Table and choose the result.
3Your investigation/judgement finds a powerful political figure culpable for a crime. You can choose to keep your job, gain +1 Investigate, and gain an Enemy; or you can resign your position and gain +1 to your Reward roll.
4You are accused, rightly or wrongly, of corruption and forced to resign. Gain +1 Deceive or +1 Persuade. You also gain the accuser as an Enemy.
5A bribery scandal comes through your office. If you took a bribe, you can take your Reward roll this Phase but are fired when you are exposed. Otherwise, you lose your Reward roll this Phase, but keep your job.
6Budget cuts causes you to lose your position. A good recommendation gives you a +2 to your next Qualification Test.

Event Table

2Disaster! Roll on the Mishap table, but you can stay in this Profession.
3You are working a high-profile and very complex case. Roll an Investigate Basic Test, if successful gain +1 PER, otherwise -1 CHA.
4You spend some additional time studying. Gain +1 to any Secondary Skill.
5An intertwining case puts you into contact with many new informants. Gain 1d3 Contacts.
6You have an opportunity for some advanced training. Roll an INT+2 Basic Test. If successful, gain +1 to your Primary or any Secondary Skill.
7Life Event. Roll on the Life Event Table.
8You have to convince your colleagues about your conclusions related to a difficult case. Roll a Persuade Basic Test, if successful, gain +1 to a random Secondary Skill, if you fail, you have a -2 to your Reward roll.
9You come across evidence that a friend is guilty of a crime. You can have them prosecuted to gain +2 on your next Profession Stability Test for this Profession but gain them as an Enemy; or you can destroy the evidence to gain an Ally.
10You find yourself caught in a duel. Gain +1 Parry or +1 Dodge.
11You can choose to continue working a difficult case to gain +1 Investigate; or go out and carouse with your colleagues and gain a +4 on your next Profession Stability Test for this Profession.
12You help investigate/judge a high-profile case. You gain an extra Reward roll this Phase and automatically succeed on your next Profession Stability Test in this Profession.