Lifepath: Injury Table

Injury Table

2UnmentionablesYour injury leaves you sterile and emotionally withdrawn.  -1 EMP
3-4ArmOne or both of your arms were broken.  -1 COR
5-9Body (1d6) 
 1-2 – MuscleYou greatly injured a major muscle group. -1 STR
 3-4 – BackYour back or abdominal core was injured. -1 AGL
 5-6 – InternalOne or more of your organs were injured. -1 END
10-11LegA leg injury leaves you with a limp. -1 Speed
12Head (1d6) 
 1-2 – ScarThe injury left a visible scar. -1 CHA
 3-4 – SensesA blow to the head affected your senses. -1 PER
 5-6 – BrainYou have suffered some brain damage.  -1 INT