Lifepath: Enlightenment

Path of Enlightenment  [Courage]


[Class: Citizen, Qual: EMP+4, Skill: Inspire, Stability: CHA+4
You are a person of the cloth who preaches their faith to others. You might be a wandering religious pilgrim preaching your doctrine, or part of a larger organized church with an established religious following.

Skill Table

PerformPersuadeHealingCraft (Culinary)Lore (Culture)Lore (Philosophy)


[Class: Peasant, Qual: CHA+4, Skill: Deceive, Stability: PER+4
You follow a little-known or forbidden faith that seems to encourage more selfish pursuits. You might be a lowly follower who is too embedded to leave, or you might be a full believer rising in a secretive hierarchy.

Skill Table

InspireIntimidatePersuadeStealthLore (Esoterica)Lore (Philosophy)
Acolyte Rewards TableCultist Rewards Table
2Religious Symbol and Religious Book2Religious Symbol and Religious Book
320 sp315 sp
440 sp435 sp
6+1 EMP6+1 CHA
7+1 EMP and +1 CHA7+1 CHA and +1 PER

Mishap Table

1Severely Injured. Roll on the Injury Table.
2You are persecuted and arrested for your faith. You become a Prisoner next Phase.
3You are (rightly or wrongly) accused of harboring an unaccepted view. -1 CHA
4You and a colleague formulate an opposing view of established doctrine. Your superiors confront and eject you from the fold. You can choose to lose your Reward and gain an Ally or turn your colleague in to keep your Reward.
5On a pilgrimage you are lost in the wilderness and lose your faith. +1 Survival
6You get into a heated argument with one of your superiors. You gain a Rival but are not ejected from your Profession.

Event Table

2Disaster! Roll on the Mishap table, but you can stay in this Profession.
3You are tasked with giving an important sermon to the faithful. Roll an Inspire or Deceive Basic Test. If successful, gain +1 CHA. If you fail, -1 CHA.
4You explore extracurricular activities. Gain +1 to a chosen Secondary Skill.
5You help bring more followers to the faith. Gain 1d3 Contacts.
6You have an opportunity for some additional training. Roll an INT+2 Basic Test. If successful, increase a Craft or Lore skill by +1.
7Life Event. Roll on the Life Event Table.
8You have an opportunity to claim another’s theological work as your own. If you choose to do so, you gain an Enemy and +1 to a Secondary Skill of your choice. Then roll a Deceive Basic Test. If you succeed, you gain +1 to a different Secondary Skill. If you fail, you are ejected and must roll on the Mishap Table.
9You and a colleague perform some notable work, but your superiors only give you credit. You can keep quiet, gaining an Enemy and a +2 on your next Profession Stability Test; or you can correct the oversight to gain an Ally.
10You dive deeper into obscure texts of the faith. Gain +1 Lore (Esoterica) or +1 Lore (Philosophy).
11You have an opportunity to learn from the leader of your group. You can choose to learn from their teachings to gain +1 Inspire or +1 Deceive; or curry their favor to gain +4 on your next Profession Stability Test.
12You demonstrate great potential. You gain an extra Reward roll this Phase and automatically succeed on your next Profession Stability Test in this Profession.