Skills are how characters typically interact with the world. From investigating a murder to swinging a sword, there is a Skill associated with most actions in the game. Each character has a Rank for each Skill in the game. This is a measure of how capable a character is with the activities associated with that Skill. A Skill Rank is a combination of a character’s natural talent, represented by their Attributes, combined with any experience and training the character has accumulated. Each Skill has two attributes that are related to it.

Skill Ranks are calculated by taking the lowest of the two associated Attributes and then adding their Training Ranks in that skill.

Skill Rank = (lowest of the associated Attributes) + Training Rank

For example, if your character had a Strength of 10 and an Agility of 8, your character would add 8 to their Training Rank to calculate their Skill Rank in Athletics.  In this case, the character is quite strong, but has only average swiftness. It is their swiftness that is limiting their athletic ability. However, the limitations of your character’s natural ability can be overcome by training and experience, represented by Training Ranks.

Each character varies in their level of training and experience in a Skill. These are represented by a Training Rank. Training Ranks range from 0 to 8 and always start at a Training Rank of 0, meaning your character is Untrained in that skill. As the character’s Training Rank rises (by spending XP through Advancement), they are able to apply their training and experience for even better performance with that Skill.

Training RankDescriptor
7Grand Master