Stamina and Death

Stamina, Exhaustion, and Death

Stamina is the lifeblood of a character. It is an abstract representation of a character’s energy and health. It often is a representation of a character’s energy level and the minor cuts and bruises attained during combat. When a character takes Stamina damage, they reduce their current Stamina by the amount of damage they received. If this would bring their current Stamina to 0 or below, their current Stamina is set to 0 and they are now Exhausted.

Exhausted – You are out of Stamina and too tired to properly defend yourself. You do not get to make Defense Rolls for Attack Tests against you (Strike, Pummel, and Fire). These attacks have a +4 situation bonus on the Attack Roll and only need to succeed to deal Stamina damage to you. If the attack is successful, you must immediately take the Endure action. If the attack is non-lethal, you instead must succeed on a Resilience Basic Test or you are knocked unconscious.

The Exhausted condition is automatically removed when your Stamina increases above 0. Stamina can be recovered by taking the Breathe action or having an ally take the Mend action on you using the Healing Skill. Each of these actions take one Activity (10 minutes) during Exploration mode.

Endure  [Combat]   [Reaction]
Requirement: You are Exhausted and take Stamina damage.

You attempt to survive a lethal blow. You must take this action immediately upon being attacked or otherwise suffering Stamina damage when you are Exhausted. You take a -1 condition penalty on this roll for each Injury you already possess. If you have three Injuries when you take this action, you are automatically killed. Courage cannot save you in this instance. Envision your character’s valiant death.
Resolution: Resilience  

 – You suffer through the blow, you receive an Injury and are knocked unconscious.
 – You grimace through the blow and are knocked unconscious.
 – Your fortitude prevails, you endure the blow without harm.
 – You find a surge of fortitude inside you; you endure the blow without harm and you recover 1 point of Stamina and are no longer Exhausted.
 – You take the blow painfully. You receive an Injury and are now Bleeding Out and unconscious.
 – You are immediately killed by the attack. You cannot spend Courage to Avert Catastrophe normally, but you can spend all your remaining Courage and become Hopeless to change this outcome to a Failure. You cannot do so if you are already Hopeless. You automatically receive a random Trauma.


When a character is injured, randomly determine which of the three Injuries they receive by rolling a d6. On a 1-2, they are Bruised, on a 3-4 they are Broken, and on a 5-6 they are Battered.  They cannot have the same Injury at the same time. If you roll an Injury your character already has received, roll again.

Each Injury is connected to a body Attribute and bestows a -2 condition penalty to all Skills and Resistances related to that Attribute. These Skills are listed below for each associated Injury. The Battered injury also reduces the character’s maximum Stamina until the character recovers.

Bruised – (Strength) – Athletics, Fighting, Intimidate

Broken – (Agility) – Athletics, Brawl, Dodge, Reflexes, Stealth, Thievery

Battered – (Endurance) – Block, Resilience, Survival, maximum Stamina.

When a character first receives an Injury, roll  2d6. This is the Recovery Days for the Injury, the number of days it takes for the character to recover from their Injury. Mark down the Recovery Days next to your Injury on your character sheet.  At the end of each day in the game world, you can reduce this number by 1. When it reaches 0, your character has recovered from that Injury. This number can also be reduced by you or an ally taking the Treat action using the Healing Skill.

Bleeding Out

A character that is Bleeding Out is unconscious and losing blood fast. They must roll a Resilience Basic Test at the end of each combat round (but excluding the round they gained this condition). If they succeed, they live another round of combat. If they fail, they die. The Stabilize action with the Healing Skill can prevent a character from dying in this way.