Conditions and Effects

Conditions and Effects

Conditions are temporary or semi-permanent effects that can apply positive or negative modifiers to dice rolls and may limit the actions that a character is allowed to take. Most of these conditions are relevant for Combat mode.

Modifiers from Conditions are typically of the condition type and thus do not ‘stack’ with each other, you apply the sum of the best and worst modifier of the same type on any given roll. For example, if your character was both Weary and Exposed 2, you would suffer a -2 penalty on all rolls, but only a -2 penalty on Defense Rolls.  The penalties do not stack to -4 for Defense Rolls, only the worst penalty is applied.

Conditions below with a # have a number associated with them. This indicates the strength of that condition and the value of the modifier associated with the condition. These modifiers are usually factors of 2.

Encumbered – You are carrying too much weight. You have a -1 condition penalty to your Speed, -2 condition penalty to all Agility-based Skills and Resistances (Athletics, Brawl, Dodge, Stealth, Thievery, and Reflexes).

Engaged – You are in active melee combat with an opponent. Typically, a character is engaged with an opponent if they are adjacent to that opponent. The two Engaged characters are considered to be moving around within their squares, sharing blows, and avoiding attacks. They are not simply standing still in their square. In order to move away from an Engaged opponent, you must succeed on a Withdraw reaction. Additionally, while Engaged with an opponent, taking the Stand or Fire actions results in a free attack (with a -2 situation penalty) from each Engaged opponent. If you or the opponent you are Engaged with are the target of a ranged attack, a Critical Failure results in the wrong target being struck (see the Fire action under the Shooting Skill for more details).

Exhausted – You are out of Stamina and too tired to properly defend yourself. You do not get to make Defense Rolls for Attack Tests against you (Strike , Pummel , and Fire). These attacks have a +4 situation bonus on the Attack Roll and only need to succeed to deal Stamina damage to you. If successful, you must immediately take the Endure action. If the attack is non-lethal, you instead must succeed on a Resilience  Basic Test or you are knocked unconscious.

Exposed # –You are in a compromising position and suffer the listed condition penalty to all Defense Rolls as a Defender for any action against you with the Attack trait. This condition usually lasts until the beginning of your next turn.

Hidden – You are behind Cover, in Concealment, or in Dim Light or Darkness and have taken the Hide action. Other characters do not know exactly where you are located and cannot target you with actions unless they successfully Seek and locate you. However, you still have the benefits of Cover, Concealment, or lighting.

Immobilized – You are held in place and cannot take any action with the Move trait or that involves movement (such as Stride , Dash, Climb, Swim, etc.).

Distracted # – Your focus has been disrupted and you suffer the listed condition penalty to all Attack Rolls on actions that have the Attack trait. This condition usually lasts until the end of your next turn.

Grappled – An enemy is brawling with you and has a hold on you. You are Immobilized and Exposed 2. You cannot use any weapons to Strike unless they have the Grapple trait.

Hopeless – You are out of Courage and have lost all hope for survival or victory. You have a -2 (untyped) penalty on all Skill rolls. If a Hopeless character suffers any additional Courage damage, they must immediately take the Presevere action.

Motivated # – You are inspired and filled with determination. Until the end of your next turn, you can choose to gain the listed condition bonus on any one roll of your choice. After the bonus is used, you are no longer Motivated.

Prone – You are laying upon the ground. You have a -2 situation penalty to both Attack Rolls and Defense Rolls on actions with the Attack trait. You gain medium Cover against ranged attacks (ranged attacks against you have a -4 situation penalty).

Restrained – An enemy is brawling with you and has managed to hold you in place. You are Immobilized and Exposed 4 and can only take the Breakout action.

Stressed – You carry a mental burden. You have a -2 condition penalty on all rolls for all actions with the Attention trait when you are the Actor or AttackerDefense Rolls and Resistance Rolls are not affected.

Unconscious – Your consciousness has left you. You drop what you were holding and are blacked out upon the ground and helpless. You do not roll initiative and cannot take any actions. You cannot roll a Defense Roll against any Attack Tests and Attack Rolls against you have a +4 situation bonus. You are immune to any Attention or Courage damage while unconscious.

Weary – You are weary from a long journey or strenuous activity. You suffer a -2 condition penalty to all rolls.