Equipment: Resources

Raw Resources

Raw resources can be used to Build buildings and camp amenities or Craft useful gear and items. The processing of raw resources into useful goods can also be quite profitable. Liquid resources (like Alcohol and Water) must be stored in containers and each unit corresponds to one use.

Alcohol2 cp~Ale, beer, cider, or wine. See Brew for effects.
Alcohol, Fine20~High quality alcohol. See Brew for effects.
Charcoal3 cp1Bag of charcoal. Crafted from Wood in a Charcoal Pit. Used for smelting and forging.
(wool, linen)
41A bolt of cloth used as a trade good. Can be crafted into clothing with Craft (Textiles).
Cloth, Fine (cotton, silk)201A bolt of fine cloth used as a trade good. Can be crafted into clothing with Craft (Textiles).
Coal1 cp1A chunk of raw coal for smelting and burning.
Copper Ingot100LA solid copper ingot, a useful metal for brewing and alchemy.
Copper Ore101A chunk of stone with metallic copper veins.
Dye / Ink1LSmall vial of colored dye or writing ink.
Gold Ingot10,000LA solid gold ingot, worth a fortune.
Gold Ore10001A chunk of stone with metallic gold veins.
Grain1/2 cpLHandful of raw grain (wheat, barley, rye, etc.).
Hide1 cp1A raw hide from a slain animal, use Tan to convert to Leather.
Iron Ingot10LA solid iron ingot, essential to Build and Craft.
Iron Ore11A chunk of stone with rusty iron veins.
Leather2 cpLA small bolt of tanned leather, used to Craft.
Meat2 cpLRaw meat and organs. Spoils in 3 days.
Silver Ingot1000LA solid silver ingot, worth a small fortune.
Silver Ore1001A chunk of stone with metallic silver veins.
Stone1 cp3A large chunk of building stone.
Tin Ore301A chunk of stone with metallic tin veins.
Tin Ingot300LA solid tin ingot, usable for metal alloys.
Vegetables1/2 cpLRaw fruits and vegetables. Spoils in 1 week.
Water~~A necessity of life and important to Craft.
Wood1 cp1Raw lumber and boards to Build and Craft.