Equipment: Encumbrance


All items in World Saga have a Bulk rating. This is an abstract representation of an object’s weight and general volume and size. Characters have a Bulk Limit equal to their Strength attribute. This is the total number of Bulk units they can carry before they are Encumbered. Any Bulk greater than this value, and the character has the Encumbered condition until they decrease their load. The absolute Maximum Bulk a character can carry is equal to one and one-half their Strength attribute (rounded down).

Light Bulk items are smaller items that are less than 1 Bulk unit, typically small enough to hold in one hand and weighing less than a few pounds or about one kilogram. Light Bulk items are typically stored inside containers. Each container item has one or more Light Bulk item slots that can contain these items (see the Gear section later in this chapter). For the purposes of some containers, 5 Light Bulk items have about the same mass and volume as 1 unit of Bulk.