Thievery Action: Steal

Steal [Exploration]   
You attempt to rob an object from another person without them noticing, or otherwise acquire a small object that is unattended without notice.  The GM might grant a bonus or penalty based on how accessible the object is or the size and shape of the object. This might be a Basic Test if the target is mostly unaware of your interest in the object.  If, however, they are on the alert this might better be resolved through an Opposed Test.
Resolution: Thievery , or Thievery  Investigate

 – You successfully steal the object, but the person will notice it missing shortly thereafter.
 – You successfully steal the object.

 – You fail to steal the object. The target rolls an Investigate Basic Test , if they are successful, they noticed the attempted theft.

 – You fail to steal the object and the target automatically noticed the attempt.