Healing Action: Mend

Mend [Exploration]  [Rank 2]
Requirement: You have Healer’s Tools and you target yourself or an ally that has recently taken Stamina damage.
You see to an ally’s minor cuts and bruises, helping them to restore their stamina. This can only be performed on a character once following an event that caused Stamina damage and must be performed within an hour following that event.

At Rank 4, a healer can target two allies simultaneously with this action. At Rank 6, they can target three allies. At Rank 8, they can target four allies. In these cases, roll once and apply the same result to all allies.
Resolution: Healing
 – Your ally recovers a number of points of Stamina equal to your d20 result. If the ally was Exhausted, they are no longer Exhausted.

 – You fail to provide any relief for your ally.
 – You accidently do more harm than good; the ally takes 1 points of Stamina damage.