Skill: Fighting


Strength , Coordination
This skill is used for melee combat and represents a character’s overall ability to strike at their opponents with weapons.  Fighting is a category skill, with subcategories based on Weapon Groups. See Chapter 4: Equipment for more information about the available Weapon Groups.

When a character reaches a Rank of 2, 4, and 6 in a Weapon Group subcategory of their Fighting skill, they gain access to a special combat action, called a Maneuver. The type of Maneuver is based on the Weapon GroupManeuvers cost Attention to activate but can have powerful outcomes if successful.

Strike [Combat]    [Attack] [Melee]
Requirement: You must have a melee weapon in your hand.
You strike out with your weapon to harm your opponent.
Resolution: Fighting (weapon group)  Block, Dodge, or Parry
Damage: Stamina

 – You fail to strike your opponent and become Exposed 2 until the beginning of your next turn.

Maneuver [Combat]    [Attack] [Attention:, , or ]
Requirement: Varies by combat maneuver.
You perform a special combat maneuver based on your equipped weapon. See the available Combat Maneuvers.

Opportune Strike [Combat]    
[Attack] [Melee] [Reaction] [Attention: ] [Rank 8]
Requirement: An opponent engages you in melee.
Your legendary skill allows you to strike out as your opponent approaches you. You get a free Strike against the opponent before they can take any other action. This reaction can only be taken once per opponent per round.