Skill: Dodge


Agility , Coordination
This skill is used for combat defensive rolls that involve moving out of the way and avoiding being struck by enemy blows.

Dodge [Combat]     [Reaction]
You move your body away to avoid being struck by an attack. This reaction is used as a Defense Roll against physical attack actions, such as Fire, Strike or Pummel. This reaction suffers a -2 situation penalty against ranged attacks (Fire).
 – You fail to dodge the attack, and have completely lost your footing. You are now Exposed 2.

Shelter [Combat]    [Move]
Requirement: You are benefitting from Cover by an object or terrain feature.
You crouch and take additional shelter from ranged attacks, gaining Greater Cover (ranged attacks have a -6 penalty against you, and you get a +4 bonus on Reflexes rolls to avoid area blast attacks). This benefit goes away at the beginning of your next turn (but you can take the Shelter action again). You cannot take any Attack actions when seeking shelter.

Shuffle [Combat]    [Stance] [Attention: ] [Rank 2]
You ready yourself for incoming blows, ready to dodge. You gain a +4 situation bonus to Dodge defensive rolls until the beginning of your next turn.

Tumble [Combat]     [Rank 4]  [Move]
You roll and tumble past an opponent trying to move through their square. You can move your Speed. You must succeed on a separate Dodge Basic Test for each opponent you are moving through. If you are Engaged in melee with any additional opponents (besides the one you are moving through) you take a -2 penalty for each additional opponent.
Resolution: Dodge 

 – You move through your opponent’s square, treating their square as Very Difficult Terrain.
– You move through your opponent’s square, treating their square as Difficult Terrain.
 – You fail to move through your opponent’s square, but you are not Engaged in melee with the opponent (unless you were before this Test) and may continue moving. If you end your turn adjacent to the opponent, then you become Engaged in melee as normal.
 – You fail to move through your opponent’s square. Your movement immediately ends with you Engaged in melee with the opponent. 

Tumble Strike [Combat]    [Rank 4] [Attack] [Attention]

If you choose to remain Engaged with an opponent after a successful Tumble through their square and choose to use your Action to make a melee attack (Strike or Pummel) against them. The opponent will have a -4 situation penalty to their Defense Roll.