Skill: Block


Endurance , Coordination
This skill is used for combat defense rolls that involve using a shield to block enemy attacks.

Block  [Combat]     [Reaction]
You prop up your shield to try and block an attack. This is used as a Defense Roll against physical attack actions, such as Strike or Pummel.  You can use this option against ranged attacks only if you have taken the Brace action previously on your turn.
 – The enemy’s attack crashed through your shield. It is now Broken and needs to be repaired.

Brace  [Combat]     [Stance] [Attention: ] [Rank 2]
You brace your shield against attack. You gain a +4 situation bonus to Block defense rolls until the beginning of your next turn. You can also use Block on defense rolls against ranged attacks during this time.

Shield Bash  [Combat]     [Attack] [Melee] [Attention: ] [Rank 4]
You bash your opponent with your shield. You take a Strike action with your weapon and follow that up with a bash with your shield. Make a second free Strike action with a -2 situation penalty using your Block skill instead of your Fighting skill.