Attributes represent who your character is on a fundamental level. It is represented by three categories: physical attributes (Strength, Endurance, Agility), mental attributes (Coordination, Intelligence, Willpower), and spiritual attributes (Charisma, Perception, Empathy).  These correspond to the idea that the fundamental components, or essences, of a person are their Body, Mind, and Spirit.

Body Attributes

Strength – Raw muscular power and physical prowess. Strength is composed of pure Body.

Agility – Ability to nimbly flex and move the body quickly. Agility is composed of the Mind interacting with the Body.

Endurance – Ability to push one’s physical limitations and endure. Endurance is composed of the Spirit interacting with the Body.

Mind Attributes

Coordination – Ability for manual dexterity and precise timing. Coordination is composed of the Body interacting with the Mind.

Intelligence – Ability for learning, reasoning, and understanding. Intelligence is composed of pure Mind.

Willpower – Ability to maintain focus despite pain, stress, or fear. Willpower is composed of the Spirit interacting with the Mind.

Spirit Attributes

Charisma – Personal magnetism, charm, and the ability to influence others.  Charisma is composed of the Body interacting with the Spirit.

Perception – Ability for intuition, recognition, and insight. Perception is composed of the Mind interacting with the Spirit.

Empathy – Ability to connect, understand, and communicate with others. Empathy is composed of pure Spirit.

A character’s attributes cannot be altered after the character creation process.  This is representative of who they are on a fundamental level. It is what they will have to work with during their adventuring career.  Any further improvements to the character are done by increasing their Skills, Resistances, and Tolerances. These are discussed later in this chapter.


Each Attribute has a Rank which ranges from 4 to 12. It is a measure of a character’s capacity for that ability.  Rank 8 is an average value for a typical human.

For example, a character with a Rank of 6 in Strength would be considered physically weak. A character with Rank 10 would be considered to be quite strong. With a Rank of 12, a character would be considered one of the strongest people in the town. 

During gameplay, most actions will be resolved by making a Test using a Skill (discussed below). However, sometimes it is appropriate to make a Test using an Attribute if there is no Skill Action or Skill that best represents what a character is attempting to accomplish. If the action a character is attempting is based purely on a character’s natural talent without regard for experience, then an Attribute Test may be appropriate.  For instance, if your character is in an arm-wrestling match, the GM might have you roll an Opposed Test using Strength to determine who wins the contest.