Lifepath: Benevolence

Path of Benevolence  [Courage]


[Class: Peasant, Qual: EMP+4, Skill: Healing, Stability: INT+4
You are a healer knowledgeable on the ways of the physical body. You might be a skilled herbalist, barber, alchemist, or have more prestigious medical training.

Skill Table

InspirePersuadeInvestigateCraft (Alchemy)Lore (Culture)Lore (Nature)


[Class: Citizen, Qual: CHA+4, Skill: Inspire, Stability: EMP+4
You are someone who listens and guides others through their problems. This guidance may be spiritual in nature, or you may just be good at listening and helping others deal with mental trauma.  

Skill Table

DeceivePersuadeHealingLore (Culture)Lore (History)Lore (Philosophy)
Healer Rewards TableCounselor Rewards Table
2Healing Tools2Writing Tools
320 sp320 sp
440 sp440 sp
6+1 EMP6+1 CHA
7+1 EMP and +1 INT7+1 EMP and +1 CHA

Mishap Table

1Severely Injured. Roll on the Injury Table.
2A disaster leaves someone important you worked for getting injured and you are blamed. You gain a Rival and you have also taken an injury, either as retribution or during the event. Roll twice on the Injury Table and choose the result.
3Someone with powerful connections takes issue with your work. You can stay in this Profession, but you then gain an Enemy.
4A voyage to help someone afar goes wrong, leaving you stranded. Gain +1 Athletics or +1 Survival. When you return home, your job is gone.
5A particularly difficult client tests your skills. Roll a Basic Healing or Inspire Test, if success gain +1 to that skill. Either way the client wants to cover it up and drives you out.
6Another practitioner tries to copy your techniques and tarnish your name. You gain a Rival but are not ejected from this Profession.

Event Table

2Disaster! Roll on the Mishap table, but you can stay in this Profession.
3You are called to help someone that goes against your conscience. Accept and you gain an extra Reward roll this Phase and +1 to a random Secondary Skill. You also gain 1d3 Enemies.
4You are brought in to help with a difficult incident. Gain +1 to a Secondary Skill of your choice.
5You help save the life of someone wealthy. Gain +1 to your Reward roll this Phase.
6You have an opportunity for some additional training. Roll an INT+2 Basic Test. If successful, increase a Craft or Lore skill by +1 (cannot choose your Primary Skill).
7Life Event. Roll on the Life Event Table.
8You helped someone out, but someone takes issue with your interference and attacks you. Gain an Enemy. Roll an END+2 Basic Test, if successful gain +1 to a random Secondary Skill, if you fail you must roll on the Injury Table.
9You make a breakthrough in your technique. Gain +2 on your next Profession Stability Test for this Profession.
10You become entangled in a local controversy that you have to navigate. Gain +1 Persuade, +1 Deceive, or +1 Lore (Culture).
11You begin working with a brilliant mentor. Gain an Ally. With their help you gain a +4 on your next Profession Stability Test for this Profession.
12You have a major breakthrough in your technique. You gain an extra Reward roll this Phase and automatically succeed on your next Profession Stability Test in this Profession.