Why another TTRPG?

Quite a few people have asked me, why create another generic table-top roleplaying game (TTRPG)? I can only answer: “why not?” System modification and creation are as old as roleplaying games themselves. I think its part of the spirit of that tradition to modify and change mechanics to fit the goals of a group of players.

The foremost reason I created World Saga was because there was something I wanted that existing games couldn’t deliver to my own personal satisfaction. The primary feature I was looking for was an easy-to-use mechanic that allowed multiple degrees of success. World Saga can offer seven to eight degrees of success on any given roll, which really helps the improvisational juices flow.

Weak Success

Strong Success
Great Success

Critical Failure

Critical Success

I also like swingy tactical combats, where ever choice might matter. I hope the combat system lives up to its design. So far in our playtests, it seems to be living up to the challenge. The choice of when to use Courage for improved die rolls, when to spend Attention on Combat Maneuvers, these all might be a life or death decision as a single lucky hit can take your character out. In some ways this simulation seems more “realistic”, but regardless, it is definitely fun and cinematic at the table. And that was the vibe I was aiming for.

Give the game system a try for yourself and give us your feedback:


Happy gaming!